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By L. Veracini

The Settler Colonial current explores the ways that settler colonialism as a selected mode of domination informs the worldwide current. It offers a controversy concerning its remarkable resilience and diffusion and displays at the have to think its decolonisation.

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The Settler Colonial Present

The Settler Colonial current explores the ways that settler colonialism as a particular mode of domination informs the worldwide current. It provides an issue relating to its awesome resilience and diffusion and displays at the have to think its decolonisation.

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Viruses are indeed often used as an effective alternative to antibiotics. Historically, the protection of a distant imperial sovereign could at times, even if not often and in most cases not for long, help indigenous peoples in their struggles against the Settler Colonialism is not Colonialism 31 dispossessory actions of local settlers. The internationally sanctioned protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, as foreshadowed in the UN Declaration of 2007 and in a related developing body of international legislation, can potentially constitute a form of ‘viral therapy’.

It is a process that targets what is foreign and identifies what has successfully indigenised – the equivalent of a settler declaration of independence preceded by a party of settlers running amok dressed as natives. But the analytical distinction between colonial and settler colonial phenomena, as heuristically observed here with reference to viruses and bacteria and their distinct operation, is especially important when it comes to the vexed question of how to imagine the decolonisation of settler colonial circumstances, a theme I will return to in the Conclusion.

9 Indeed, Paul A. Kramer has noted a disconnect between the historiography of empire and that of migration. ‘This disconnection has been facilitated by migration historiography that counterposes the “agency” of migrants in pursuit of movement and the “structure” of border-making national-territorial states seeking to prevent it’, he notes. ‘An imperial history of migration’, a development Kramer calls for after noting its absence, ‘will, by contrast, pay attention to empire’s role not only in barring migration but in provoking it through dislocation, and selectively promoting, sponsoring, channelling, and disciplining migrations in pursuit of labor power, intellectual capital, ideological legitimacy, or the weaving of networks of diffusion and influence’.

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