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By Shona Husk

Each fairy story has to have a few foundation in reality, correct? that is what Eliza inspiration as she made a determined plea to the mythical Goblin King. If he may well provide her want, she'd ultimately be secure. He could defend her. yet what may he ask in return...?

Enjoy this brief unfastened prequel and a sneak peek of The Goblin King, the 1st of a hugely resourceful new paranormal sequence by means of Shona Husk.

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The youth hit the carpet like a corpse. The bottle he’d been holding onto spilled, the scent of beer filling the air. A grin twisted Roan’s wide goblin lips as the urge to use more dark magic bubbled to the surface. He would make sure the girl behind the door wasn’t bothered again tonight and have some fun. It might almost make up for the summons. With a howl of the un-dead he stepped out of the shadows, sword drawn. The youth screamed and scrambled to get up and away. The music was silenced and all lights in the house went out by Roan’s will.

They probably wouldn’t have noticed if the Goblin King hadn’t returned her. For half a second she entertained the idea of living in the Summerland with the Goblin King in some kind of fairy-tale existence. Couldn’t all curses be broken? But at the back of her mind his warning remained clear and cold. Do not summon me again. Yet for those moments with him she’d felt safe, like he would protect her from anything and everyone. Though she didn’t dare tempt her luck and call him again. He might’ve looked human, but she had to remember he was goblin inside.

They used the language out of habit even though they spoke many more. They’d spent so long together bound by the curse that they could sense when one departed the Shadowlands or arrived back from the Fixed Realm. Dai’s gaze travelled over the gold as if he were looking for a new addition. ” He gave his brother a bottle of beer so he could share in the celebration even if he didn’t understand the reason behind it. ” Dai’s eyebrows slashed down as if he was expecting Roan to suddenly fade to goblin.

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