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662. I ) I A GN O S T I C P R OCEDURE : I N S P ECTION 39 because each leg can take the whole of the body weight at any time. As body weight is transmitted from one foot to the other, elaborate muscular co-ordination and balance must be performed to maintain equilibrium. By shifting body weight almost entirely on to one leg and resting on the ilio-tibial band in the manner of the mannequin, the pelvis is allowed to drop on the other side so that weight distribution is completely altered, a lateral curve is created in the lumbar spine to the opposite side from the weight-bearing leg and a compensating convexity to the same side higher up in the spine.

And 7 C. was recorded (see Figs. 9 a and b). 54 D I A G NO S I S OF S P I N A L L E S ION FIG. 1 0 M O B I L I T Y TESTS In this area mobility tests are best carried Ollt in the sitting position. Every range can be tested, whereas when lying supine only forward- and sidebending can be tested easily. Forward Bending. FIG. 10 The patient i s seated at a convenient height. The operator stands facing the patient's back and slightly to the right, supporting her torso against his own, to give her an added sense of security.

The flat of the hand should be placed on the lower part of the chest wall and moved upwards, then the prominent rib margins can be fel t most readily, both in the mid axillary line and over the angles of the ribs. Follow the course of the rib from its angle forwards to its sternal end. This is not always easy in the obese and, of course, the scapulae and breasts increase the difficulty. The scapulae can be moved forwards to some extent and the breasts pushed aside but sometimes it is necessary to count the ribs anteriorly and posteriorly to be sure of palpating the same rib and interspace.

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