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Tonari no musuko wa oyaomoi de hyoban da. Everyone considers the young man next door a model son to his parents. Oya-koko M:f:fi Filial piety; taking good care of one's parents . ,t_,fte~:O>Itt~v'(l)n;~#(l)~~fitt. Shinpai o kakenai no ga ichiban no oya-k6k6 da. The best way to be a good son [daughter] to your parents is not to give them any cause for worry . r~~:fTL-t~v'c~f;:fi~lit~L-J -=>"t", *~ttP.. "Oya-koko shitai toki ni wa oya wa nashi" tte, honto dane. FROM UNCERTAINTY TO LOVE 41 "When you finally decide to do right by your parents, it's often too late"-how true!

J:n' G1r-c Gn. :r Watashitachi kyodai wa ryoshin ni itsukushiminagara sodaterare, shiawase na kodomo-jidai o sugoshita. FROM UNCERTAINTY TO LOVE 43 Our mother and father gave us plenty of love when we were growing up, and we all had happy childhoods. _. < < L-tl>J: ? o Kare wa watashi o itsukushimu yo ni, yasashiku mitsumeta. &~v"'::> He gazed at me tenderly, as if he truly loved me. ~ Ill! To love a child so much that one loses all perspective; also, the parent who does so; a doting parent. Oyabaka r1i I?

My husband just goes gaga over our youngest daughter. ,khk. Bffi. ::~k~rt?. Jq;>rp~A. tt J:. Anna ni kodomo nanka kirai da tte itte ita no ni, kawaru mon' da ne, kimi ga, boya o miru me to kitara "mi5, me no naka ni iretemo itakunai" tte kanji da yo. 46 LOVE, HATE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN To think you used to say you hated children. You sure have changed. When you look at your son, it's as if you could eat him right up. ) .. c:kW~! it"'"t'L,'iv'tcv'! Kimi no koto daisuki! Mi5 tabete shimaitai!

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