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44 Cape Verdean Women and Globalization Problems with Collecting of Data Cross-Culturally: Telling (What Is) the Truth The task of collecting valid information in the field is a central challenge for all researchers. When research is conducted in another culture, the problems are even more pronounced in regard to differences of history, social context, nation, class, language, ethnicity, values, and practices. One challenge is communicating across cultures. When deciding to conduct research, all researchers face the problem of examining lives of people who are different from themselves.

Do clouds hide rain to keep the ocean surface and my face cool? Is there enough of a breeze to make sail? 34 Cape Verdean Women and Globalization Does the wind come from the northeast so the day will be dry or from the south whence most storms blow? Do whitecaps crown the waves or will the sea be a cradle with a gentle rolling motion? What fish at this time of year and what bait? Is that rippling over there a school of bait fish? If I am going out for surface-feeding fish, will they take to bait in the morning and late afternoon rather than in the heat of midday?

In addition, we will spell out the differences between ethnography and critical ethnography and the ways in which our research fits into the latter type. We will also provide a review of critical discourse analysis and the way we used it as a tool for understanding the data on Creole. Methods of Data Collection Katherine Carter came to Cape Verde as an English teacher in 2001. A lifelong journal writer she made notes on what she was seeing and hearing and learning but as she got to know the people in the community she decided to begin to systematically collect data in 2003 in order to record her observations and document the voices of the people who were becoming her friends.

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