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The physical appearance of a TAO is described by a multidimensional sentence [3]. The syntactic structure derived from this multidimensional sentence is a hypergraph, which also controls the TAO's dynamic multimedia presentation. driven or message-driven behavior. The multidimensional sentence may be location-sensitive, time-sensitive or contentsensitive. Thus, an incremental change in a TAO's physical appearance is an event that causes the active index to react. To summarize, the TAO's syntactic structure controls its presentation; and the knowledge structure its dynamic behavior.

The ratio At~As is invariant to scaling. If we take the total Ar/As as a unit, partial Ar/As is an indication for Huffman coding. Since the partial Ar/As over half circle is definitely large enough to go to the second level in the coding procedure, we combine the first two levels to form the four segments in our coding. Figure 2b shows the coding tree. a ia / . t . j ~ ' / ~ N N ~ - - ~ a3 a al 1 (a) i'i o l I t9al al0a50//i as a4 at3 a14 a3 a12 mill alials (b) Figure 2. Signature using SEC (a), and its hierarchical coding scheme (b) There are several properties of this signature.

The functions include information retrieval, document composition, slide production, image analysis, survey presentation and computer-aided learning. 2 Data Structure and Document Composition There are two problems in dealing with multimedia data in multimedia systems. One is the variety of formats. For example, images can be black/white images or colour images. The black/white images include binary images and grey-scale images. The colour images include different shade levels. Images may be in different resolutions.

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