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G㠜㠊㣪. ” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 26 ㌂ὒG㭒㓺ⰢGⰞ㎪㣪U ㌦⩂✲ⰢGⲏ㠊㣪U 㠚Ⱎ⓪G㞚ザⰢG㫡㞚䟊㣪U ㏦┮㧊G^GⳛⰢG㧞㠊㣪U ⌄㧶㦚GXG㔲ṚⰢG㧮GỆ㡞㣪U 㠊Ⲏ┞ⰢG㌳ṗ䟞㠊㣪U 㨂㯞ⰢG㫡㞚䟞㠊㣪U 㠊㩲G\G㔲ṚⰢG㧺㠊㣪U XWG⿚ⰢG₆┺ⰊGỆ㡞㣪U 㠎┞ⰢGⰢ⋶GỆ㡞㣪U UNIT 4 Auxiliary verbs I An auxiliary verb combines with a main verb to express tense, aspect, mood and/or voice. ” This unit first discusses some general structural characteristics of Korean auxiliary verbs. Then, it introduces how the following three verbs, ⽊┺ “see,” 㡺┺ “come,” and Ṗ┺ “go,” can serve as auxiliary verbs. Korean auxiliary verbs Korean auxiliary verbs are in fact all regular verbs.

GἆῃG⹎ῃ㠦GṖG⻚⪎㠊㣪. ” 㩲G⋾☯㌳㧊G⻢㖾G┺Gⲏ㠊G⻚⪎㠊㣪. ” ⁞⿫㠊ṖG㭓㠊G⻚⪎㠊㣪. ” ~㠊/㞚G⻚Ⰲ┺ can also signify a sense of relief. Consider the following two sentences: 㑯㩲⯒G⊳⌞㠊㣪. ” 㑯㩲⯒G⊳⌊G⻚⪎㠊㣪. ” 34 Notice that the referential messages of both sentences are the same. , doing homework) has come to an end. Here are more examples that indicate a sense of relief: 㞚䝞G ₆㠋㦚G 㰖㤢G ⻚⪎㠊㣪. ” 㔶㣿G 䃊✲G グ㦚G ┺G Ṱ㞚G ⻚⪎㠊㣪. ” However, as an auxiliary verb, ~ἶG Ⱖ┺ means “end up (doing),” and it implies that the completed action is against the subject’s intention or wish.

6 An airplane is faster than a car (㹾G /G゚䟟₆ṖG▪Gザ⯛┞┺) 7 New York City is bigger than Honolulu (䢎⏖⭆⬾G /G Ⓤ㣫㔲ṖG ▪G 䋓 ┞┺) 8 Today is less cold than yesterday (㠊㩲G/G㡺⓮㧊G▲G㿻㔋┞┺) 9 Does Sam play tennis better than Harry? ) 10 Does Jane like meat more than Dave? 2 Finish the following translation using the particle 㻮⩒ and the cues provided in parenthesis, as shown in the example. ” (⁎G㞚㧊G/G䞮ⰞG/Gⶒ㦚GⰤ㧊GⰞ㎪㣪) = ⁎G㞚㧊ṖG䞮Ⱎ㻮⩒Gⶒ㦚GⰤ㧊GⰞ㎪㣪. 1 Juice is chilly like ice (㭒㓺G/G㠒㦢G/G㹾Ṗ㤢㣪) 2 Lidia acts like a detective (Ⰲ❪㞚G /G䡫㌂G/G䟟☯䟊㣪) 23 3 Particles ⽊┺, ṯ㧊, Ⱎ┺, 㫆㹾, 㻮⩒, Ⱒ䋒, Ⱎ㩖, ⹬㠦 3 Does Chris swim well like a seal?

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