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The Actors in Europe's international coverage is a well timed survey of the interaction among the EU's universal overseas and safety coverage and the normal nationwide international regulations of the Union's member states.

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10 Interview in Le Monde, 2 December 1981. 156. 12 ‘Acquis’ might roughly be defined as: that which in any given field has been acquired over time to the point where it constitutes a discernible legacy. In this sense the ‘acquis politique’ is the set of attitudes and procedures attaching to EPC, which new entrants to the EC/EU are expected to accept. 13 See, among other statements, the interview given on 14 June 1982: ‘Argentina has violently attacked and she was wrong. , November-December 1981.

If the largest country of the EU were to shift its orientation and to follow a more unilateralist path, the impact on the other members, on the Union as a whole, and on the political order in Europe could be dramatic. This would also be the case, if Germany, while complying with the economic and monetary provisions of the Maastricht Treaty, decided either to refrain from developing political union further (and specifically its foreign and security policy branch) or to push even harder to communitarize CFSP than it has done so far.

It is obvious that in the crisis between Argentina and the UK over the Falkland Islands, membership of the Community provoked an immediate reaction of solidarity with the UK This recalls the attitude once taken by De Gaulle in similar circumstances towards the USA and Cuba in 1962. Convinced that the Community ‘has its positive and negative aspects and that one should help our partners when they are in difficulties’, within the framework of the E PC the French government demonstrated unfailing support for the U K, regardless of whatever second thoughts François Mitterrand might have had on the substance of the respective claims and on the cost of such a policy in terms of the image of France in Latin America13 But such feelings of constraint, born out of an obligation of solidarity and respect for international law, constitute an exception in relation to EPC.

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