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The toddler was perched on her hip like an accessory. She was quiet today with her head on Sarah’s shoulder, her thumb in her mouth, and her big blue eyes that were carbon copies of Sarah’s staring unblinkingly at MJ. “Got three for you today, Mrs. Holt,” MJ said politely as she handed over the computer for a signature and winked at the baby. Sarah stopped with the pen in mid-air. “I’m sorry. ” MJ laughed. “Sarah. ” “You don’t have to do that,” MJ protested. “Unless you’d rather have a beer…” Sarah blinked those big blue eyes in mock innocence and MJ couldn’t help but chuckle.

I know I don’t always make it easy, but I’m so glad to have you standing solidly by my side, holding my hand. I love you. THE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Acting like some kind of weird atmospheric vacuum, the navy-blue pinstripe pantsuit sucked all the breathable air out of the room. Jenna could feel her own struggle for oxygen as Christine Davis breezed in like she owned the place—she did—and carried herself as if no other woman could look quite as stunning in that navy-blue pinstripe pantsuit. Probably true.

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