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By Jasper Griffin

This useful consultant to The Odyssey introduces scholars to a textual content which has been basic to literature for almost 3,000 years. offering a precis of the poem and interpreting its constitution, Jasper Griffin sincerely outlines the harmony, values and strategies of the poem, in addition to the explanations for its longstanding charm. scholars will observe the basic issues of loyalty and betrayal, and should be guided throughout the narrative of Odysseus' adventures, as well as a priceless advisor to additional analyzing. First variation Hb (1987): 0-521-32804-7 First version Pb (1987): 0-521-31043-1

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The eighteenth century was the great age of translations from Greek and Latin into English, and at that time men like Dryden could render Latin verse with a panache and brilliance unattainable to later writers. Dryden’s Juvenal, and even his Virgil, are notably more like the originals than Pope’s Iliad and Odyssey are like Homer, largely for the reason that Homer is so different from anything to be found in English, while the rhetoric of Latin poetry does resemble that of Dryden in his English poems.

281–3). Again it has been argued that this scene suggests husband and wife in conscious collaboration. Otherwise, indeed, a husband might not be best pleased by such conduct in his wife. But the episode does have a function in our Odyssey. This is Penelope’s first appearance to her husband, and he sees her not as tearful and miserable but as glamorous, irresistible, twisting the Suitors round her finger. This is her moment of glory, not as lachrymose grass widow or anxious mother but as triumphant beauty.

It is clear that an original conception of one sort, which allowed for the hero’s moving encounters with figures from his own past like his mother and King Agamemnon, has been overlaid with another, which is more exceptional, a greater heroic achievement. Many people, perhaps, could go in for necromancy, but only the very greatest of heroes could go down to the dead and return. It was the supreme hero, Heracles, who had done it: Heracles, who conquered both death and old age, who brought up Cerberus the Hound of Hell, and who in Greek belief was alexikakos, warder off of evils, who could be invoked for protection at any moment of danger or alarm.

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