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Dyslexia used to be first defined through English physicians, Kerr and Morgan, in 1896. apparently, the structural cortical speculation in the beginning proposed by means of Morgan remains to be held in vast esteem, albeit in a bit of changed varieties. regardless of eighty years of escalating study efforts and lumps of correspond­ ing data, there keeps to exist a puzzling diagnostic-therapeutic clinical void and riddle during which dyslexics can neither be scientifically individual from different sluggish newbies nor medically handled; and patho­ gnomonic medical symptoms stay as elusive as an appropriate neurophysiologic conceptualization. This e-book is the result of a IS-year-Iong look for an answer to the riddle characterizing dyslexia. All of my preliminary makes an attempt at re-exploring the secure previous (cortical, psychogenic, etc.) dyslexic paths and ideas led nowhere. whatever new used to be wanted. kids and adults have been affliction. Educators and fogeys have been bewildered. solutions have been wanted. the govt. guy­ dated equivalent schooling for the educational disabled. Clinicians have been ready. And traditionalists remained fixated to the theoretical previous and unaware of the medical dyslexic reality.

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These observations suggested that visual suppression tends to trigger vestibular reactivity, whereas visual fixation tends to inhibit vestibular reactivity. Sleep disturbances and phobias were not uncommonly found related to disorientation phenomena. Occasionally a dyslexic child refused to sleep in the dark; others insisted on watching television until falling asleep. Analysis of these sleep difficulties revealed the existence of "sleep disorientation and vertigo" and its avoidance by insomnia.

2-4. An 8-year-old dyslexic was instructed to copy, "It was pet day at the fair. The children were waiting for the parade of animals to begin. " Translating the printed form into script was very difficult. It took 10 minutes to translate and copy two sentences. Gram- matical detail was lost and letters and words were omitted, reversed, and poorly formed and spaced. Copying the printed form was more rapidly performed. However, capitalization was both omitted and improperly added. Letters were omitted, reversed, and poorly constructed and spaced.

Male dyslexics predominated over female dyslexics by a ratio of 5: 1. spelling, math, memory, directional, speech, and grammatical disturbances. Although the so-called "typical" or "pure" dyslexic might be conceptualized as manifesting all of these symptoms in severe form, most reading-disabled children exhibit varying degrees and combinations of the symptoms defined by the nuclear complex. Each child within this sample demonstrated, and was characterized by, a unique spectrum of dyslexic functions which specifically varied in clinical intensity from severely deficient to compensated and even overcompensated (Fig.

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