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By J.Enoch Powell

Georg Olms, 2004. Paperback. Very with reference to like-new situation. basically the main minor shelfwear. a few scuffing alongside web page area. great merchandise.

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It is the expectation/intention that... 3. Because / seeing as it is the expectation ~ intention that... 3. 4. 5. It is only/simply a case of NOUN with NOUN뿐이– and all one does/did is/was... 6. 1. It is not the case that... 2. 3. On the way to / one is just on the way to... 4. 5. Seems... 1. 2. 6. 7. 8. Pretends to... 1. 2. As much as / as... as NOUN with NOUN만큼 and to the extent that... 3. 4. 1. 2. Thinks/assumes that... with 줄(로) 아–ㄹ– and not know/realize that... 5. To the extent that... 6. Is it true that...?

I was thinking maybe she had just entered college, but [whadda ya know—] she’s graduating already! 6. 음식을 만들어다가 친구한테 주었더니 좋아하던데요. I made some food and took it to my friend, and [whadda ya know—] he liked it! 7. 연습을 열심히 했더니 이젠 잘 해요. We practiced hard, and [whadda ya know—] now we’re pretty good. 8. 수미 씨는 열심히 공부하더니 시험을 잘 봤어요. Sumi studied hard, and [now—whadda ya know—] she did well on her test. 9. 그녀가 편지를 읽더니 울기 시작했습니다. She was reading the letter, and then [—whadda ya know—] she started crying.  그 애가 과식을 하더니 배탈이 난 모양이죠.

6. 생선만 며칠 동안 먹었어요. 병이 났어요. 7. 뉴스를 봤어요. 너무 지루해서 텔레비전을 그냥 껐어요. 8. 집에 갔어요. 도서관에 들러야겠어요. 9. 학교에 왔어요. 영진 씨를 만났어요.  비가 왔어요.  한국에서 회사에 다녔어요. 캐나다에 왔습니다.  도서관에 갔어요. 친구를 만났어요.  사무실을 청소했어요. 이 사진을 찾았어요.  운동을 했어요. 다리를 다쳤어요.  음악을 들었어요. 여자친구 생각이 났어요. Exercise 4: Practice with –(으)ㄴ / –는데다(가) Answer the following questions using the pattern –(으)ㄴ / –는데다(가).  모임이 재미있었습니까?  가방 샀습니까?  이 식당에는 언제나 이렇게 손님이 많습니까?  영진 씨, 어제 왜 그렇게 화가 났습니까?  수미 씨는 왜 그렇게 친구들한테 인기가 있습니까?  앨버트 씨 한국말 많이 늘었지요? Exercise 5: Practice with –다 보니 Answer the following questions with a verb form–다 보니.

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