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By Charles E. Bennett

Charles E. Bennett's vintage Latin reference grammar first seemed within the overdue 1800's. Even this present day it's nonetheless a favored selection for top institution and undergraduate scholars. This reprint is a fascimile of the 1908 revised variation.

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Lexical Matters. Ivan A. Sag and Anna Szabolcsi, eds. Copyright © 1992, Stanford University. 30 I MANFRED K RIFKA fer in their syntactic distribution and in their semantic type; the first can serve as an NP, whereas the second cannot. One should contrast instead expressions like wine and an apple, or apples and five apples, or wine and a glass of wine. The first element in each of those pairs has the property of referring cumulatively (cf. Quine 1960): whenever there are two entities to which wine applies, this predicate applies to their collection as well.

What implications does the AIR have for the nature of thematic roles? The idea that it is the compatibility of various thematic roles with certain aspectual constraints that governs their mapping into syntactic ar­ gument positions imparts a view of thematic roles like that propounded in Dowty 1991. Dowty argues that linguistic theory needs to recognize two proto-roles, a Proto-Agent and a Proto-Patient, instead of a set of dis­ crete thematic roles; and these proto-roles are "higher order generalizations about meanings" (Dowty 1991).

Landau, Barbara, and Lila Gleitman. 1985. Language and Experience: Evidence from the Blind Child. : Harvard University Press. Levin, Beth, and MaIka Rappaport. 1986. The Formation of Adjectival Passives. Linguistic Inquiry 17:623-661. Merlan, Francesca. 1985. Split Intransitivity: Functional Oppositions in Intransi­ tive Inflection. In Grammar Inside and Outside the Clause: Some Approaches to Theory from the Field, ed. Johana Nichols and Anthony Woodbury, 324362. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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