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By Lichtenberk, Frantisek

Toqabaqita is an Austronesian language spoken by way of nearly 13,000 humans at the island of Malaita within the south-eastern Solomon Islands. This two-volume grammar is the 1st entire description of the language, in line with the author's box paintings. The grammar offers with the phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse styles of the language, in addition to with its touch with Solomon Islands Pijin. will probably be of precise curiosity to typologists and to experts in Austronesian linguistics.

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2-7) a. b. 4). 1 The phoneme inventory 11 III. The first of two geminate vowels is long, provided neither vowel is in a syllable that attracts stress: (2-10) a. b. OBJ [lapkn:n] [k'pda:a] ‘that (over there’) ‘draw it [a picture]’ Vowels are also lengthened in monosyllabic (grammatical) words that have not cliticized to a neighbouring word (section. 3). Phonetic vowel length is distinct from geminate vowels. 3. Unstressed vowels are optionally devoiced in absolute final position after a voiceless consonant and between two voiceless consonants: (2-11) a.

B. 7/ ‘down there’. 2). CiV ## Ci.... The two words fuse into one phonetic word and the two identical consonants are realized as one long consonant: (2-16) a. ‹] b. 2 Phonotactics c. /ma n+ and PROFORE ‘and I’ nau/ 1SG 13 [man:‹7] Closed syllables also arise when an unstressed vowel is deleted between /n/ in a non-initial syllable and a dental oral stop in the next syllable. This kind of vowel deletion is particularly common word internally, but does occur across word boundaries as well when two words become one phonetic word.

1). 3. 2. 2. Vowel phonemes front + close open-mid open central ' back n 7 a Vowels are long in several types of environment, but there is a proscription on two adjacent vowels being both long. I. Vowels are long in absolute word-initial position: (2-6) a. b. c. /+mnl'/ /'ta/ /nn'/ [+:mnl'] [':ta] [n:n'] ‘person’ ‘one’ ‘sand’ II. The second of two geminate vowels is long if the first vowel is in a syllable that attracts stress, unless the first vowel is in absolute word-initial position and so is long (see [2-9] further below).

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