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By Jeffrey Heath

It is a entire description of Tamashek Tuareg spoken in Mali. The types lined during this quantity are these of Tamashek within the slender experience, apart from Tawellemett yet together with the opposite Malian types (Goundam, Timbuktu, Gao, Ansongo, Kidal, and the Gourma sector south of the Niger River together with Gosi and the outskirts of Hombori).

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The noun itself was not recognized by some speakers and appears to be confined to certain dialects. The verb is cited in the Sg Imprt form züyys-t, but as with most C-initial stems it often appears in initially geminated stem shapes like PerfP -azzuyyas-t. e-f), the sibilant is geminated in the VblN but not in any inflectable stem. The VblN of '(skin and) butcher' (e) varies between ss and zz, while that of 'run' (f) consistently shows zz. g), gemination occurs in the ablaut PI, which has zz versus s in the Sg.

Red' b. 'yellow' c. 'big' PerfP Imprt noun abstractive saeggar -aerarw&ssar ά-swav t-3-sure Iswar ά-wrav t-se-rore (t-3-ruve) Iwrar — t-ü-saere Iwsar [Imprt also üsar (A-grm)] 'Yellow' lacks w in the PerfP. In Niger, this stem has dialectal forms based on Vrwr instead of Vwrr (LTF 2 282), suggesting that metathesis has played a role. The abstractives for 'red' and 'yellow' in (25) show ο or u instead of w. Note also the Imprt variant usar for A-grm. Nonfinal stem y is lost in the (Timbuktu-area) PI or-aen or or-αη 'months' for Sg lyor (or aeyyor).

For Mali, D N 8 6 uses " a " and " a " . My choice is designed to make the two symbols more clearly distinct. e. ), which are generally not used by the other authors. 2 Vowels before backing and lowering consonants (BLC's) The consonants {r q υ χ ? h}, all pharyngealized alveolars {d 11 s z}, and to some extent h, hereafter "backing and lowering consonants" (abbreviation: BLC's), have the effect of lowering preceding high full V's and of backing and lowering short V's. In T-ka, this is systematic and results in surface mergers of vocalic phonemes, provided that the BLC is syllable-final.

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