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We postulate, therefore, that the underlying form of this verb is tly. An alternative analysis whereby a glide is inserted when a high vowel is followed by another vowel is not viable, in view of the rule that deletes final vowels of morphemes when a suffix is added. The fact that vowels of the verbs mbü 'give birth' and ti 'see' are not deleted indicates that these vowels are in fact not word-final. The addition of the Stative suffix yi allows us to determine that verbs that in their phonetic form have the vowel u in fact have the underlying labial glide in word-final position.

For the vowel a the nearest front vowel is [e]: (43) ber-ά sell-GO -» [bere] (44) llm-a see-GO -*· [lime] (45) ί ko llm-a 3PL INF see-GO 'they saw us' (46) sa ber-ά-Υ) fad-nay 1SG sell-GO-3SG cow-lSG Ί will not sell him my cow' nam 1DU ζά -*[ί ks lim-e] EE sk -» [ss ber-e-rj] NEG 3. The vowel system 19 The back round vowels become front round. ' (48) zed zed a ze6- u. . ' The vowel fronting can spread to clitics as well. Consider the following form, which consists of the verb glz 'tell', the goal orientation marker a, the first-person singular object pronoun kit, and the end-ofevent marker za.

Vowel retention is a marker of the phrase-final position, and vowel deletion is a marker of the phrase-internal position. The language has two tones, high and low. The tone has lexical and grammatical functions. Some morphemes have inherent tones and others have polar tones, determined by the following or preceding tone. When the final vowel of a word is de leted, the tone of the vowel is deleted as well. 7. Conclusions 33 We describe the operation of tone in various sections, where the tone plays the grammatical role or when the underlying tones of morphemes are affected.

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