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By Alan M. Stevens

This moment version of A accomplished Indonesian-English Dictionary brings the hugely winning first version brand new with enormous quantities of latest entries in company, legislations, and finance, in addition to really expert terminology within the fields of know-how, engineering, mining, and building. in keeping with 5 years of study, together with enter from clients, this new version bargains readers the most up-tp-date details on names of political events, acronyms for presidency workplaces, Islamic phrases, colloquial pronunciations, and abbreviated types utilized in blogs and email. As with the unique version, the dictionary is designed to be as effortless as attainable. Root phrases, meanings, proverbs, idioms, compounds that commence with the basis observe, and derivatives are given. hundreds of thousands of pattern sentences from fundamental assets illustrate which means and utilization; no sentences are invented, making sure entire authenticity and reliability. the recent variation, followed by way of a CD-ROM, is vital for reference libraries, in addition to scholars and students of Indonesian.

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Hitam Black Africa. – Sela­ tan [Afsél] South Africa. – Timur Laut Northeast Africa. afrikat (D/E ling) affricate. afrit I (A) a malicious giant spirit, evil spirit. afrit II (D) ramp. afrodisiak (D/E) aphrodisiac; → OBAT kuat. afschuifsysteem (D) /afskheufsistém/ pass-the-buck system. Afsél [Afrika Selatan] South Africa. afsun (A Pers/Hind cla) sorcery, witchcraft, occult force, incanta­tion. aftab (Pers ob) sun. afuah and afwah (A) supernatural magic power. afyun → APIUN. ag I (in acronyms) → AGAMA.

Pemasangan pipa pipe ¤tter. – pembangun kota city/town planner. – pem­ bikinan kapal shipbuilder. – pembuka tulisan-tulisan rahasia cryptologist. – pembukuan certi¤ed public accountant. – penata warna color consultant. – pencegah dan pengobatan penyakit tua gerontologist. – pendidik educator. – penduduk demogra­pher. – peneliti researcher. – pengamat telapak tangan palmist. – pengendali pemboran (petro) toolpusher. – pengetahuan scholar, scientist. – penggunaan tanah soil scientist. – pengoba­tan kaki pedicurist.

Ber)gantung aerial root. – bukit various species of plants, Anonaceae. o. plant, Rennellia paniculata. o. liana, Limacia oblonga. – ca­bang lateral root. o. plant, Gnetum tenuifolium. – egrang tap root. o. plant, Pericampylus glaucus. – gambir a climber, jungle weed, Combretum sundaicum. – gan­tung aerial root. – gigi root of a tooth. – isap sucker, haustorium. – jangkar anchor root. o. liana. – kambing-kambing a climber, Sarcolobus globosus. o. climber, Chinese yam, Dioscorea oppositifolia.

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