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Are you the world's greatest Leonardo DiCaprio fan? are you aware every little thing there's to understand in regards to the actor of a new release? Then this can be the booklet for you! during this easy-to-digest e-book are one zero one evidence approximately your favorite superstar – are you aware all of them?Test your self and your folks with those handily-packaged evidence simply organised into different types for optimum amusement. Sections comprise Leo's movies, his friends and family and a few loopy proof approximately his life!Whether your favorite movie is massive, Inception or the good Gatsby, this tremendous book is filled with nice enjoyable evidence for you.

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He also says he’s quite shy and dislikes speaking in front of an audience. 3. When his camera went missing in 2003, Leonardo offered a large reward for its return. 4. Leo has a scar on his right upper arm from where he was once stung by a jellyfish. 5. Leo is a big softy - he’s admitted crying during King Kong! 6. Leo has said he most enjoys working with director Martin Scorsese. 7. This shows in his choice of movie roles - he’s worked under Scorsese four times! 8. Most people who know him think Leonardo has a great sense of humour.

4. He has said that as a child he struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 5. One area this manifested itself in was his walk to school - if he stepped on a crack in the pavement he’d have to go back a whole block. 6. Leo attended John Marshall High School in Los Angeles. 7. Leonardo only moved out from his mother’s house a month before Titanic was released. 8. Like any child, Leo loved toys - he even starred in an advert for Matchbox Cars. 9. Leo reckons it was actually easier meeting girls before he starred in Titanic!

His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. 2. Leo was raised as Catholic. 3. He was born on the 11th November 1974. 4. That makes him a Scorpio. 5. Leo is 183 cm tall (that’s about 6 foot). 6. Leonardo was born and raised in Los Angeles. 7. He was named Leonardo because his mother felt her first kick whilst looking at a Leonardo Di Vinci painting in Italy. 8. Leo was voted one of the ‘50 most beautiful people in world’ by People Magazine in 1998. 9. His eyes are a blueish green. 10. Leo speaks almost fluent German and plenty of Italian.

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