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Daniel Radcliffe rose to reputation within the lead position of the Harry Potter movies, and speedy grew to become a company favorite of fanatics the world over. From the saviour of the wizarding international to his horror debut within the girl in Black, Daniel has proved himself to be a field workplace draw time and time again.This fascinating booklet comprises one hundred and one striking evidence, separated into different types on your amusement. It covers all matters from his appearing, his own lifestyles, his upbringing, and his buddies and family.Find out every little thing there's to understand approximately Daniel, and express each person you're the grasp of Radcliffe wisdom!

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Daniel supports soccer team Fulham FC. His dream car is a red Cadillac - like the one from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Daniel’s favourite superhero is Batman. Harry Potter Daniel says his favourite Harry Potter book is The Prisoner of Azkaban. He has said that the scenes he most enjoyed filming were those involving Quidditch. ) The pay increased throughout the series however, for instance earning $14m for the fifth in the series, Order of the Phoenix. Whilst co-star Emma Watson has said in the past that she wanted to concentrate more on university than acting, Daniel was always 100% sure he wanted to be a professional actor.

Despite being a heart-throb to millions of girls across the world, Daniel has said that he often gets tongue-tied when speaking with members of the opposite sex. He is good friends with fellow Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint - but has never been romantically involved with Emma, despite rumours (and admitting that he did have a crush on her when they first met) From the Harry Potter cast however, his closely friend is Tom Felton - he and Daniel can often be seen in various drinking establishments.

Despite having won many awards for his acting ability, Daniel still can’t bear to watch himself on TV! One of his biggest self-criticisms is that he reckons he has a ‘stupid mouth’! Daniel is currently worth around £80m - that’s over $125m! Harry Potter aside, Daniel is still a big fan of magic - he has even taken lessons from illusionist Paul Kieve! The acting is the most important thing for Daniel, with the money taking a back seat - he has said that he wasn’t fussed about his earnings, and let his parents invest the money for him!

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