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We have several choices We have several choices. Managua, Shanghai or Hanoi. We could either We could either invest in gold or silver. 85. PROPOSE WHAT IS NEEDED You might need You might need an architect to sign the blueprints. It would be a good idea It would be a good idea to take a couple of spare ropes. It might be better It might be better to include a colour photograph along with the letter. You would better add You‟d better add another person to the team. You shouldn’t forget You shouldn‟t forget to carry your passport.

Bring about The change was brought about by our mistakes last year. 100 Ways to Say It in Business English Copyright by Andrew D. biz 78. TALK ABOUT CONSEQUENCES Lead to The rise in sales led to more R&D. Result in Our failure resulted in the loss of the contract. Mean that Rachel‟s decision to fire David means that I have to work harder. Imply that If she arrives late every day it implies that she‟s not happy with her job. Entail that Lengthening the lunch hour will entail hiring at least one more worker.

I’m grateful for I‟m grateful for your support in securing the bank loan. 97. THANK PEOPLE FOR COMING Thank you Thank you for coming. It’s been a pleasure It‟s been a pleasure to meet you. I’ve been delighted to I‟ve been delighted to be able to speak to you. I’d like to show my thanks I‟d like to show my thanks by inviting you to my house for drinks. I have enjoyed I have enjoyed your company today. 100 Ways to Say It in Business English Copyright by Andrew D. biz 98. THANK FOR LETTING YOU SPEAK Thank you, John.

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